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How can enterprises use EO.workspace to enhance workforce mobility?


Workforce mobility advancements are changing how enterprises work. As the concept of work evolves, in large part due to new technologies and other social factors, companies have to keep up to stay on top. In this context, mobility and flexibility have become key drivers of the workspace transformation, mostly because:

  • Individuals are pursuing a balance between work and personal life;
  • Global business requirements are creating a need for geographical mobility;
  • Workforce structure is changing from mostly salaried employees to a mixture of salaried, freelance, outsourcing and part time jobs.

These transformations are demanding enterprises to use tools that enhance workforce mobility, and virtual applications and desktops can be that tool. With it, companies can maintain control over their documents and data, while employees work with their applications and desktops from anywhere without impact to their user experience.


With the EO.workspace virtual applications and desktop solution, enterprises allow their users to access their most important applications from any device, anytime and anywhere.

However, providing access with this flexibility can’t compromise enterprise infrastructure security and, of course, can’t negatively impact user’s workflow. The good news is that, with EO.workspace, both can be achieved: data remains secured in the organization servers (Cloud, Hybrid or Premises), not in users’ devices; and  applications are accessed via a virtual workspace with little to no changes to user’s workflow and performance. We have done many projects where applications were actually faster via EO.workspace than via traditional desktops, meaning users actually have a better user experience (easier, faster, more productive).

What are then the full benefits of allowing users to work from any device, anytime and anywhere?

Any Device

The traditional workforce usually has access to corporate applications, only from corporate devices, inside corporate facilities. But, with a secure access, EO.workspace enables access to applications from any device: computers, notebooks, tablets or smartphones. Applications and data remain at the virtual workspace, regardless of the originating end-user device. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a new policy to empower flexibility within the workforce, which allows workers to use their own devices for corporate applications.


As workforce structure changes from mostly salaried employees to a mixture of salaried, freelance, outsourcing and part time jobs, the way enterprises manage this workforce changes too. It’s no longer as important to ensure all employees are working at the same time and schedule, as it was in the past. In some cases, employees can create their own schedule, as long as the work is done. That’s where enterprises can best take advantage of EO.workspace: with control and security, users can access applications whenever needed. Documents, presentations, contracts and any other files and applications can easily be accessed anytime.


The concept of workspace is changing: thanks to technology, when there is work to be done, employees can do it regardless of physical location (from home, during business trips, from anywhere really). EO.workspace solution enhances employee mobility, by letting users access virtual applications and desktops from anywhere, without losing performance, and without enterprises losing control over their data and documents.


In order to stay on top, enterprises need to find a solution that fits their mobility strategy, ensuring  their workforce has access to applications and desktops: from notebooks, tablets or smartphones (any device); according to their flexible schedule (anytime); and either from home, before a meeting with a client or in a business trip to another country (anywhere).

As a leading solution of virtual applications and desktops, EO.workspace can be your best partner, ensuring enterprises fulfill their mobility strategy goals. EO.workspace virtual applications and desktops solution enhance workforce mobility and enable the ultimate digital workspace transformation.