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How can enterprises use EO.workspace to create a strong business ecosystem?


For many customers, one of EO.workspace most important business cases, is how to built a strong community of business partners. We realized that, in this interconnected global marketplace, creating a strong relationship with partners, suppliers, and customers has become one of the most important key success factors for a strong business ecosystem.

Typically, our customers use EO.workspace to ensure transparency, agility and security along the value chain. Transparency, to ensure all data and operations in the virtual environment can be overseen and audited; agility, to ensure organizations  along the chain can quickly access necessary applications and documents; and security, to ensure all data remains secure and in control.


A virtual applications and desktops solution enables enterprises to provide access to applications and documents to partners, customers, franchisees or any separated business unit. Because of its underlining technology, EO.workspace can provide this access without compromising control and security. As an example, with our solution, enterprises can easily allow external users to access corporate documents (like invoices, purchases or contracts), directly impacting the productivity along the value chain. Also, for other business purposes, access to CRMs or any internal system can be granted to partners in order to speed up communications. By enabling this level of access, enterprises can enhance their relationship along the value chain, keeping it simple and protecting their data.

Enterprise can also manage users access and permissions in a centralized way because applications are on EO.workspace (on premises, cloud or hybrid), resulting in less money and time spent on hardware & software installation, support & helpdesk among the value chain.

This solution was so effective that the Return On Investment (ROI) was achieved in only three months.

One of our customers has an important network of franchisees, with more than 200 open stores. However, there was a concern regarding money and time spent to manage and control applications and documents used by the franchisees along the network. Each computer and printer was installed and maintained on every franchisee store by our customer. In order to reduce money and time spent, they used EO.workspace virtual applications and desktops solution to change the way corporate applications were delivered. From that point on, stores infrastructure (computers, printers, Wi-Fi, etc.) became the franchisee’s responsibility, and they access applications directly via EO.workspace. Therefore, the customer no longer has to invest time and money on installing and supporting the franchisees infrastructure. This solution was so effective that the Return On Investment (ROI) was achieved in only three months.


Virtual applications and desktops, by enhancing communication and applications access between business partners, can help enterprises attain a sustainable competitive advantage. Business ecosystems, as an economic community supported by organizational interactions, can be empowered with the right technology tools, and EO.workspace is a great way of doing it.

With EO.workspace, enterprises can rest easy, knowing that virtual applications and desktops will be accessed with transparency, agility and security.