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How can companies use EO.workspace to improve employee’s productivity?

It goes without saying that increasing productivity has a significant impact on a company’s path to success. To ensure that the company runs smoothly and efficiently, managers must optimize business procedures. This includes, among other things, increasing agility, allowing employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance, and developing effective IT workflows. Finding a way to strike a balance between all these factors will have a significant impact on the overall employee’s productivity, as well as increase both revenues and profit.


Now, more than ever, employees require constant and reliable access to corporate data. Despite significant advances in remote work technologies, maintaining employees’ access to applications and data regardless of their location or the device in use remains extremely difficult, especially if the device hardware is outdated or slow.

A recent McKinsey&Company study found that agility can boost operational efficiency by up to 50% and profitability by up to 30%. Increased operational efficiency makes employees more productive, allowing them to produce more output and, as a result, increase revenues. Many businesses are beginning to prioritize solutions that help increase agility within their company in order to act faster, more resiliently, and successfully in this increasingly complicated and uncertain world.

One solution is to use EO.workspace, which provides applications, desktops, and online services through a single digital workspace and simplifies and automates application, desktop, and platform management. Users’ device computing capacity is no longer critical because applications run in the EO.workspace environment, and they can access applications and desktops using old hardware, Chromebooks, or even low-cost Raspberry Pi without affecting their user experience. Agile employees are more productive, and businesses profit more as a result.

Work-life balance

Employees’ current desire to strike a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives has led them to prefer companies that not only allow them to work remotely, but also provide a more flexible schedule. According to the Gartner Digital Worker Experience survey, flexible work hours, additional/new technology available, and a change in physical space/location are amongst the top five factors that increase productivity.

Reasons for increased productivity

Work hours flexibility


Less time or no time comuting


Work more hours


Additional technology and devices


Change in physical space/location


Less time spent in meetings


Less management supervision


Companies that use EO.workspace are able to provide their employees with access to applications, documents, presentations, contracts, and other resources at any time and from any location. This is due to a strong virtualization framework that is transparent to the user and allows them to continue with their normal workflow.

Allowing employees to choose where they work, when they work, and which device they use to work has been shown in studies to improve work-life balance and as a consequence increase productivity. EO.workspace makes all of that possible. With EO.workspace employees are able to achieve the healthy work-life balance they have always seeked but could not always achieve due to limitations in the places they could work, the devices they could use, and the inflexible schedule they had to have.

IT workflow

Although times are changing, many IT departments are still seen as cost centers rather than strategic investments. Many companies fail to recognize that improving their IT departments improves many other aspects of their business.

With an EO.workspace solution, IT managers can instantly control everything in one platform, making it easier to update systems and software and solve problems much faster in the event of a system failure or end-device malfunction. In fact, after using application and desktop virtualization, support and helpdesk teams report a 70% reduction in requests such as printing setups or backups.

Improving the IT department will not only improve the overall workflow of the company but will also increase the productivity of IT workers. They can now focus on larger and more important projects they couldn’t before because they were constantly fixing mistakes that application and desktop virtualization technologies could have easily solved.

A glimpse into reality

In one specific instance, some of our client’s employees used EO.workspace to complete their daily tasks, while others relied on traditional desktop methods. Our client discovered that workers using the traditional approach were noticeably less productive and required significantly more time to complete the same tasks than those using EO.workspace. After a full roll-out, he was able to verify a 20% increase in overall company productivity and profits after implementing EO.workspace throughout his entire company, with the same number of employees.

Businesses should be aware of their employees’ ever-changing needs in order to increase productivity. Thus, they should always keep in mind that:

  • Creating a more agile workflow has a significant impact on employee’s productivity.
  • Allowing them to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device not only provides them the chance to balance personal and professional lives, but also simplifies and enhances efficiency in their day-to-day tasks.
  • Improving the IT workflow that supports employees’ day-to-day operations enables quick problem resolution and even prevention, leading to a big boost in productivity.

All of this is possible with EO.workspace!

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