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What’s New?

Your EO.workspace experience is improving as we work on performance optimization and release new features. Here’s an account of key improvements you’ll find in the latest 6.5 version.

EOW makes it simple to deliver Application Bubbles to end users by abstracting away the complexities of configuring and managing them.

EO.workspace protects from screen-capture malware and data leaks, by blocking and reporting screenshots and recording of applications.

Create support requests directly from the Administration Console, with all relevant log information being automatically retrieved and added to the request.

In EOW 6.5 Linux Application Streaming was enhanced: provide a powerful solution for businesses and organizations that require the seamless integration of Linux applications, allowing users to access the tools they need to be productive from any device without sacrificing security, performance, or usability.

There's more:22 improvements, fixes and optimizations. Partners and customers can find out more in our support portal.