• 6.5
Key Points
  • Submit support requests directly from the Admin Console
  • Relevant log information is automatically added to request

Create support requests directly from the Administration Console, with all relevant log information being automatically retrieved and added to the request.


Whenever technical issues arise in an EOW infrastructure, one of the first steps is collecting as much information as possible from the logs and other data that comes from the Administration Console. After that, this technical information must be forwarded to the support teams, which will have to examine it and determine what information is relevant to troubleshoot the current technical issue. Agile Support streamlines and automates this process, speeding up technical issue reporting and resolution.

Agile Support adds a new Support section in the Administration Console, from which admins can provide basic information on any past or present technical issue: time interval in which the problem occurred, users affected, a basic description of the problem, among others. EOW then uses this information to automatically collect all relevant information from various logs and audit data, and aggregates everything into one of three formats for maximum compatibility with Support and Ticketing systems: CSV, HTML and XML. Finally, the admin user can opt to download all this information in a single archive, or email it directly from the Administration Console.

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