• 6.5
Key Points
  • Deliver legacy applications in modern systems
  • Single-OS infrastructure by emulating apps from other OSes
  • Simplify deployment
  • Optimize licensing
  • Use modern technologies like containerization

Run any application as a self-contained bubble in Windows and Linux environments.


The challenge of running an application that is not native to the preferred OS environment will inevitably arise in any organization with a complex application ecosystem. In EOW, Application Bubble refers to a group of technologies that aim to solve this problem, including technologies such as containerization, emulation, and compatibility layers.

One of the primary uses of these technologies is the ability to run legacy applications that are native to older versions of Windows or Linux, or that have specific requirements. Using Application Bubble technologies allows these applications to run in modern operating system environments. Furthermore, these technologies can simplify the architecture by consolidating the landscape in a single operating system, also allowing for deployment and licensing optimizations.

EOW abstracts the complexities of configuration and management, simplifying the delivery of Application Bubbles to end users.

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