• 6.5
Key Points
  • Access Linux applications
  • On both desktop and applications mode
  • Access from any device
  • High Performance

Provide a robust Linux Application Streaming solution without compromising security, performance, or usability.


Application streaming is a powerful technology that allows users to access an application or desktop from any device other than the one where the application is installed. While Windows application streaming has traditionally been more common, Linux application streaming is equally important for businesses and organizations that rely on open-source software or want to use open-source alternatives to proprietary applications that require licensing fees. EOW treats both Windows and Linux application streaming equally, resulting in a fast and responsive streaming solution for organizations that use either or both operating systems.

Overall, EOW provides a powerful solution for businesses and organizations that require the seamless integration of Linux applications, allowing users to access the tools they need to be productive from any device without sacrificing security, performance, or usability.

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