• 6.4
Key Points
  • Shadow EOW sessions
  • Fully secure and integrated into EOW environment
  • Directly from the admin console
  • Users don’t need to install additional software
  • Allow users to control permissions given to remote party

Provide assistance to EOW users directly from the admin console interface, securely and without the need for users to install additional software.


One of the challenges of remote work is determining how best to support your users, not only with technical issues, but also with on-the-job training or work evaluation. To meet these requirements, many businesses rely on installing desktop sharing software on their employees’ workstations. However, traditional solutions have the disadvantage of introducing time and cost overhead for deploying and maintaining this software. There are also security concerns, since installing this software on employees’ workstations adds another attack vector.

For these reasons, EO.workspace includes an integrated Session Shadowing feature that works right out of the box and does not require users to install any additional software. Furthermore, this solution is secured by ensuring that it is completely restricted to the EO.workspace environment. Only EOW administrative users with the appropriate permissions can access it, and they can only shadow the current EOW session. This means that everything else that is on the user’s device cannot be accessed, thus avoiding the privacy and security concerns of traditional Session Shadowing solutions.

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