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How can enterprises use EO.workspace to enhance workforce mobility?

Advances in workforce mobility are changing the way businesses are able to operate. Due to new technologies and social factors, companies must keep up with the evolution of the concept of work. In this sense, mobility and flexibility have emerged as key drivers of workplace transformation, owing primarily to:

  • Finding a balance between their professional and personal lives;
  • Global business requirements are creating a need for geographical mobility;
  • The workforce structure is shifting from having mostly salaried employees to having a mixture of salaried, freelance, outsourcing and part time jobs.

These transformations are demanding the use of tools that enhance the workforce mobility within a company. Virtual applications and desktops can be that tool. Companies can use the EO.workspace virtual applications and desktop solution to give their users access to their most important applications from any device, anytime, andĀ anywhere.

Any Device

The traditional workforce typically has access to corporate applications only through corporate devices located inside corporate facilities. Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy that allows employees to use their own devices for corporate applications in order to increase workplace flexibility. According to Cisco, companies that encourage BYOD save $350 per employee per year. Using portable devices for work tasks can also save employees 58 minutes per day while increasing productivity by 34% (Frost & Sullivan).

BYOD doesn’t mean less security and privacy, with EO.workspace, businesses can have secure application access from any device, including computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Applications and data remain in the virtual workspace regardless of the originating end-user device and all communications are encrypted.


The way businesses manage their workforce is changing as the workforce structure shifts from mostly salaried employees to a mix of salaried, freelance, outsourcing, and part-time jobs. It is no longer as important as it once was to ensure that all employees work at the same time and on the same schedule. According to a ManpowerGroup report, nearly 40% of global employees consider workplace flexibility to be one of the top three factors when looking for a job. Furthermore, 43% of respondents in the Gartner Digital Worker Experience survey said that flexible working hours helped them achieve higher productivity levels.

This is where EO.workspace can help businesses the most: users can access presentations, contracts, and other files and applications whenever they need them. These are now available 24/7.

Schedule Flexibility in Making Career Decisions

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The concept of workspace is evolving: employees want to complete tasks regardless of their physical location (from home, during business trips, from anywhere really). According to the Buffer Remote Work study, 62% of employees believe that the ability to choose their work location is one of the top two benefits of being able to work remotely. An EO.workspace solution improves employee mobility by enabling users to access virtual applications and desktops from any location, without sacrificing performance or enterprise control over data and documents.

In order to remain competitive, enterprises must find a solution that fits their mobility strategy, while ensuringĀ  their workforce has access to applications and desktops from any device (notebooks, tablets or smartphones), anytime (according to their flexible schedule), anywhere (from home, before a meeting with a client or in a business trip to another country).

One of the leading virtual application and desktop solutions, EO.workspace, can be your best partner in achieving your mobility strategy objectives. Our solution will increase workforce mobility in your organization and enable the ultimate digital workspace transformation.

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