• 6.2
Key Points
  • Support legacy applications that require VDI permissions to work
  • Easily integrate Legacy VDI for a few users into an existing EOW infrastructure

Allow users to connect to Legacy VDI in order to run certain applications that require VDI to function properly in remote environments.


Certain legacy applications require specific permissions to interact with user devices in remote environments, that are only afforded by using older virtualization technology.

In order to facilitate the implementation and adoption of EOW in organizations that use these legacy applications, it is possible to add VDI infrastructure to EOW. This allows users to login to VDI instances and access these applications, using the same methods as EOW sessions, namely the native, web, and mobile clients.

Although Legacy VDI can be easily integrated and utilized in an EOW infrastructure, it is recommended to only make it available for a small subset of users. Besides the impact in performance, the usage of VDI entails additional infrastructure and licensing costs.

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