• 6.0
Key Points
  • Customization performed by users is possible and powerful
  • User-configurable settings can be pre-configured by administrators
  • Most configurations can be limited/locked by administrators

No configuration needs to be performed by the user. All configurations are optional and can be managed centrally by administrators.


While EOW offers a great degree of configurability for user sessions, it’s also possible for administrators to pre-configure most of the settings. Users can connect to a pre-configured session in an existing infrastructure by just downloading the client or accessing an URL on a web browser, no need for additional configuration. This allows users to experience a standard environment with a low barrier-of-entry, lowering training requirements and support costs.

Additionally, most user-configurable settings can be limited regarding the possible options, and even locked to a predefined value, making sure the users experience doesn’t deviate from the standard environment, if so desired.

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