• 6.0
Key Points
  • Administrative privileges can be delegated to individual users or user groups
  • Each user or group can have access to administer only the appropriate resources
  • It’s possible to attribute read-only administrative permissions
  • Ideal for large organizations with multiple specific roles and teams

Delegate specific administrative tasks to specific users or groups, such as service desk agents or specific IT teams.


In medium and large organizations, there are usually multiple specialized IT teams, each responsible for specific parts of the infrastructure (storage, computing, applications, networking, etc.) or for specific tasks or responsibilities (security team, service desk agents, management, etc.).

With EOW, it’s possible to delegate specific administration tasks to either individual user or user groups, with a great degree of granularity. It’s also possible to attribute read-only access (for statistics collection, log analysis, etc.) for each of the specific task groups.

Some examples of administrative permissions which can be attributed: general admin console access, server management, shared folders management, user management, application management, application publication, system configuration, session management, reporting, status collection, news management.

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