• 6.0
Key Points
  • Application Servers (Windows and Linux) can be used when not joined to an AD domain
  • Simplify server deployment, management and operation
  • Maximize environment elasticity by being able to deploy servers with minimal external dependencies

Allow usage of Windows application servers which are not joined to an Active Directory domain, simplifying deployment, management and operation.


An EOW environment depends greatly on its Application Servers, either based on Windows or Linux operating systems. In usual remote desktop services architectures, user accounts must be created manually on servers or managed through the use of LDAP servers (usually limited to Linux machines) or Microsoft Active Directory. This increases the deployment, management and operation complexity of those servers.

However, EOW is capable of managing user accounts on all Application Servers, creating them as local users, before each session is started, and removing them after the session finishes. Session authentication can still be performed against an LDAP server or Active Directory domain (being performed by the Session Manager) while the Application Servers can remain independent.

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