• 6.0
Key Points
  • Support multiple (geographical, provider, etc.) locations
  • User balanced according to multiple factors (sessions, weight/priority, etc.)
  • Can perform high-availability failover and recovery
  • Included in the product, with no additional costs

Deploy several locations (geographical diverse, several providers, etc.) and balance users among these locations, based on several factors.


One common strategy for load balancing, high-availability and ensuring performance (among other advantages) is the deployment of several EOW installations, in several locations. These locations can be geographical diverse or distributed among several data center or connectivity provider, for connectivity and performance optimization, legal and compliance reasons, disaster recovery and cost optimization.

EOW includes the Distributed Session Manager (DSM) component, which allows the distribution of users among these locations, based on several factors (existing session, weights, priorities, number of established sessions, connectivity, etc.). The DSM component can also detect when any location is unavailable and divert users for alternative locations, as well as balance users back to the location when it recovers.

The DSM component is included in the base EOW product, with no additional cost.

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Distributed Session Manager