• 6.0
Key Points
  • All user actions, regarding EOW operation, are able to be recorded
  • All administrative actions are recorded and impossible to remove without explicit access
  • Useful for compliance strategies and requirements

Support compliance strategies, helping enterprises report and manage user interactions in accordance with laws and regulations.


EOW allows organizations to record all user actions regarding the use of the EOW platform (session start and duration, session end, application usage, etc.). Additionally, many session-related data is also recorded (origin IP addresses, session settings, etc.). The records can be very useful for compliance strategies and requirements, and can easily be viewed and extracted through common file formats. The records can also be removed if no longer required.

Detailed logging of administrative and management actions is also performed, for debugging and troubleshooting or for auditing purposes. This administrative actions record are immutable and not possible to be removed through the regular administration tools.

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