• 6.0
Key Points
  • Reduce hardware acquisition cost
  • Increase availability and productivity by simplifying workstation deployment
  • Save on help desk support by providing users with disposable, easy to setup hardware

Embrace the usage of low-cost, disposable clients (such as the Raspberry Pi) in order to reduce deployment and maintenance costs.


One of the great advantages of the Application Streaming paradigm is how it offloads the computational costs of running applications to the remote environment. This leaves users free to use whatever device  they wish to access their applications, including low-cost, low-power, disposable devices.

EO.workspace offers native clients for Raspberry Pi devices, in order to reduce deployment and maintenance costs. A full workforce can be quickly outfitted with cheap, interchangeable workstations based on these thin-client devices. If the device malfunctions, the user can perform a self-service replacement, and the applications, settings and data will be immediately available.

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