• 6.0
Key Points
  • Thousands of users can work from a small number of servers
  • Simplify application installation and management
  • Improve security by reducing attack surface

Stream from a small number of servers, enabling faster, cheaper and more manageable defensive strategies like encryption, backup and anti virus/malware.


With the Application Streaming paradigm, applications are concentrated in a few centralized components, from which they are accessible, instead of being spread across multiple users individual devices. This removes the burden of installing and managing applications from the users, and at the same time simplifies the burden of administrative and support teams, since they only have to focus on a handful of servers instead of having to coordinate work across hundreds or thousands of devices.

From a security standpoint, this also allows organizations to strengthen their infrastructure and protect themselves from threats such as ransomware and intrusions. By reducing attack surface and shifting the attack vectors from the user’s devices to internal, secure servers, EO.workspace allows organizations to focus their defensive strategies on a small number of centralized components.

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