• 6.1
Key Points
  • Allow authentication from multiple LDAP directories or AD domains
  • Support AD domains even if not in the same AD forest
  • No additional configuration required on the target directories or domains

Allow integration with completely separate Active Directory domains or LDAP directories, for authentication purposes, without the need to configure additional trust or referral relationships.


For either technical reasons or business reasons (for example, a merger between organizations), many directory services employ multiple domains. EO.workspace integration with AD allows organizations to reutilize their existing directory infrastructure to easily manage user permissions and access in an EO.workspace environment.

This feature allows a single EO.workspace environment to use multiple Active Directory domains or LDAP directories for authentication, without requiring the configuration of any additional trust or referral relationships between them. Simply configure the additional domains/directories through the administration console, and users specify at login time their full username (including the domain part), in order for the authentication process to be directed to the appropriate AD Domain Controller or LDAP server.

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Multiple Domains and Directories