• 6.1
Key Points
  • Support for Enterprise Linux version 8
  • Support for multiple distributions (CentOS, RHEL, OL)
  • Fully supported/development platform

Support version 8 of the many alternative Enterprise Linux (RHEL-based) distributions (RHEL, CentOS, Oracle, etc.).


With the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Enterprise Linux distributions marked a significant milestone in performance and capability enhancements. Although not the latest version, RHEL 8 remains a critical upgrade from previous iterations, offering considerable performance improvements for a variety of modern workloads.

EO.workspace fully supports Enterprise Linux version 8 across all its Linux-based components. This support ensures EO.workspace components are effectively integrated with the substantial advancements made in RHEL 8. By upgrading from older versions, such as version 7, to version 8, users of EO.workspace can experience up to a 35% increase in performance, leveraging the robust features and efficiencies introduced in this pivotal version.

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Enterprise Linux 8 Support