• 6.1
Key Points
  • One license file per customer, supporting multiple installation IDs
  • Additional complementary licenses associated with user groups
  • Flexible configuration (with fallback among groups, or to system-wide license)

Allow purchasing of licenses for a subset of users, attributed to one or more specific user groups. Licenses can now be issued for all of the customer’s locations, in a single license file.


EO.workspace offers a flexible licensing format, and comes with a set of extra features that help you tailor licensing to your organization.

Simplify deployment by having a single license file which can be used in multiple locations and disaster recovery sites, making the installation of a fully supported High-Availability Load-Balanced infrastructure straightforward, with no licensing pitfalls or difficulties. Assign different licensing options to different user groups, with policies to handle fallback when no licenses are available, or opt for a single universal licensing option for all users, all from the intuitive interface of the Administration Console.

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