• 6.2
Key Points
  • Protect your system against vulnerability exploitations such as virus and ransomware
  • Protect your applications against unwanted changes
  • Select if the integrity should be verified when the application launches and/or periodically
  • Disable applications when the executable’s information do not match previous information

Periodically verify the integrity of selected applications and block the application if unwanted changes are detected.


With EO.workspace, ensure that your published applications are protected from intentional vulnerability exploitations (virus, ransomware, etc), failures and accidental changes in both Windows and Linux servers by periodically verifying the integrity of applications executables.

The integrity can be checked every time an application is launched or automatically with a certain frequency that can be selected by the administrator. Whenever an application is found to be faulty, the application is disabled, preventing users from using it and possibly compromising your system’s security.

The solution’s administration interface provides a report of all instances where an application was found faulty, so that an administrator can take actions to ensure the correct operation of the application.

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