• 6.2
Key Points
  • Allow access to your business application from ChromeOS devices (ChromeBoxes, ChromeBooks, etc.)
  • Full Native Client experience (not Android or Web app), running as Linux application
  • Native performance, most integration features available
  • Migrate sessions seamlessly from mobile or full desktop clients from and to ChromeOS devices

Allow access to the published applications from ChromeOS devices, with native performance and integration.


Allow your users to access your business applications from any ChromeOS device (ChromeBoxes, ChromeBooks, etc.). The ChromeOS client is fully compatible with all other clients, allowing for the users to migrate sessions established elsewhere to the ChromeOS client (and vice-versa), without the need to restart your business applications. The ChromeOS client support many features provided by the other clients (such as advanced authentication, clipboard integration, smartcard access, audio support, etc.).

This is the full Native Client (not an Android or web application), providing all its performance and integration features.

In version 6.2, the ChromeOS client is a Tech Preview, with a full release coming soon.

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