• 6.2
Key Points
  • Comply with privacy guidelines or laws (such as the GDPR)
  • Easily and promptly anonymize or delete personal data upon a user request
  • Anonymize or delete expired personal data automatically

Allow administrative users to purge any records or personally identifiable information regarding a certain user or group of users from all of the solution’s components. This may be done in order to comply to regulatory guidelines or laws (such as the GDPR in Europe).


Due to the huge value of personal data nowadays and since the product can potentially have thousands of users, it is highly important that their privacy can be properly protected (complying to regulatory guidelines or laws such as the GDPR).

EO.workspace allows administrative users to anonymize or even delete the personal data of a given user (or group of users) from all the solution’s components. The anonymization of deletion of data can be done manually, for example, if an individual requests for their personal data to be erased, or it can be configured so that any data older than a certain number of days is always anonymized or deleted.

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