• 6.1
Key Points
  • Side by side with other applications
  • On both desktop and applications mode
  • On all clients (web, native, mobile)
  • Web applications open on the end-user’s local browser

Publish you organization’s web applications side-by-side with all other Linux and Windows applications, allowing for a single place for your users to access all business tools.


Organizations are starting to see more and more business tools evolving from classical or legacy desktop applications to a web-based delivery on the browser. This allows applications that previously had specific hardware or software environment requirements to be easily accessed from any device (desktop, laptop, mobile) running any operating system, and from any location.

Enterprise Open Workspace allows organizations to deliver classical or legacy desktop applications in a similar way, but many organizations now have to support both kinds of application delivery paradigm. Typically, in order to consolidate the organization’s applications in a centralized interface (the EOW interface), the only option was to deliver web applications through the use of a virtualized web browser, running remotely, through EOW.

This feature allows certain web applications (ones which can be safely accessed through the Internet) to be made available by showing a shortcut located next to the other virtualized remote applications, on the EOW interface, but accessed using the user’s local web browser. This way of accessing web applications can improve performance, and allow the user to take advantage of the local browser customizations (bookmarks, extensions, personal configurations, etc.).

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