• 6.0
Key Points
  • Take advantage of existing user group and organizational units defined on LDAP directories and AD domains
  • User groups can map to detailed and granular ACLs (applications, servers, printer/drives redirection, settings, management permissions etc.)

Map directories (LDAP/AD) with rich and granular user ACLs (applications, servers, printer/drives redirection, management permissions etc.).


Many organizations already have user groups and organizational units defined in their internal LDAP directories or Active Directory domains. These groups may already be used for other applications, workflows and business processes.

EOW can leverage this existing organizational structure for many of its aspects, such as:

  • Application publishing
  • Application Server assignment (ensure performance for critical user groups)
  • Device redirection policies (allow/block features such as printer/drives/smartcard/clipboard redirection for specific user groups)
  • Security policies
  • Session settings
  • Management permissions and authorizations (different privileges for different user groups/teams)

Global settings can also be defined as a default for most users and overridden on a case-by-case basis, per user group.

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