• 6.4
Key Points
  • Use advanced indicators for Distributed Session Manager (DSM) load balancing
  • Use indicators such as:
    • CPU usage
    • Memory usage
    • Response time from location to user
  • Indicators’ weights are configurable through DSM administration

Enable the Distributed Session Manager (DSM) to distribute sessions between locations based on advanced metrics such as resource availability (CPU, memory, etc.) and response time to the user’s current location.


Deploying EO.workspace in multiple locations ensures continuous availability of the published applications by providing disaster recovery and load balancing mechanisms.

The distribution of users among available locations is performed by the Distributed Session Manager (DSM) component, which up until now, to select the optimal location, used simple indicators such as availability, priorities, relative weights and the number of already established sessions.

EO.workspace now also allows, for DSM load balancing purposes, the usage of advanced indicators such as:

  • CPU usage;
  • Memory usage;
  • Response time from location to user.

Administrators can now configure, through the DSM administration interface, the importance of each indicator.

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