• 6.0
Key Points
  • Redirect several local devices on the end-user’s machines to the published applications execution environment:
    • Local drives
    • Audio output
    • Audio input devices
    • Local printers
    • Smartcard readers
    • Clipboard (copy and paste)
    • Special purpose devices (pending evaluation)
  • Complete and granular control over which redirection features users are allowed to use

Audio, printers, smartcards, clipboard and special purpose devices (pending evaluation) can be redirected to streamed applications. ​


While the Application Streaming paradigm has several advantages in terms of separating the application execution environment from the end-user’s machines, for many scenarios you may have business processes and needs which require the published applications to interact directly with some of the local devices connected to them. EOW allows the redirection of some of these devices and operating system services, in a seamless and secure way.

EOW allows the redirection of the following devices and services from the end-user’s machine to the remote application execution environment:

  • Local drives – Avoiding intermediate steps for file copying operations or configuring additional services or infrastructure.
  • Audio output – Allow listening to the audio being played by remote applications.
  • Audio input devices – Allow published applications to capture audio (e.g. from locally connected microphones or audio capture cards).
  • Local printers – Avoiding the need to manage various printer drivers, as this is all abstracted by the solution.
  • Smartcard readers – For authentication, digital signing or other smartcard operations.
  • Clipboard – For copy and paste operations. Even on the web client, this integration is direct, behaving as in a locally installed application.
  • Special purpose devices – Many custom, special purpose and uncommon devices can also be redirected for use in published applications (pending individual evaluation).

All these is combined with complete and granular control over which redirection features users are allowed to use (globally or on a per-user or user group basis).

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