• 6.0
Key Points
  • Present local and remote applications side-by-side
  • Present all applications in a single, convenient location, the application portal

Stream applications by themselves or in an application portal paradigm, without distracting GUI or desktop overhead.


The Application Streaming paradigm empowers users by allowing them to focus on their work, and not have to worry about managing their applications. It can take some time to adapt to this paradigm, and often it is advantageous to implement Application Streaming in a way that allow users to keep the workflow they are accustomed to.

EO.workspace provides an intuitive user interface and multiple ways to access applications to allow for the best possible implementation of this new paradigm. The Native Client that runs on the users local device can present the remote applications as if they were local applications, for example as shortcuts in the desktop or the application menu. The Web Client and Native Client both offer an application portal view as well, that allows users to select their applications from a simplified view, without the overhead of an additional remote desktop view.

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