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What’s New?

Your EO.workspace experience is improving as we work on performance optimization and release new features. Here’s an account of key improvements you’ll find in the latest 6.1 version.

Pervasive Branding

Completely customize the solution branding: name, logos, colors, background images, subtitles, among others. Changes are pervasive and propagate to all clients and access methods (Web, Native, Mobile, etc.).

Multiple Domains and Directories

Allow integration with completely separate Active Directory domains or LDAP directories, for authentication purposes, without the need to configure additional trust or referral relationships.

Web Applications

Publish your organization’s web applications side-by-side with all other Linux and Windows applications, allowing for a single place for your users to access all business tools.

Enterprise Linux 8 Support

Support version 8 of the many alternative Enterprise Linux (RHEL-based) distributions (RHEL, CentOS, Oracle, etc.).

There's more: 31 improvements, fixes and optimizations. Customers can find out more in our support portal.