• 6.0
Key Points
  • Deliver both commercial/proprietary applications and open-source alternatives
  • Flexible configuration to provide applications to users with costs constraints in mind

Provision users with Windows and/or Linux applications, delivering hybrid app environments with open source tools in cost sensitive scenarios.


With EOW, you have the ability to provision, side by side, commercial/proprietary applications with licensing costs, and free open-source alternatives. Minimize licensing costs by delivering free and open-source productivity tools to the majority of the user base, while still have the ability to deliver more powerful commercial alternatives to a small subset of power users.

Since there’s no need to install the applications on the end-users devices, you can perform changes quickly and easily, allowing for sporadic or seasonal changes in application distribution to end-users. Additionally, by using EOW’s application usage reporting tools, you can easily identify how many users have access to or have been using certain applications, which can be useful in case a software vendor wants to perform a licensing verification/audit.

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