• 6.0
Key Points
  • Support applications from different operating systems (Windows, Linux)
  • Support applications from different versions/generations of an operating system

Stream applications from different platforms and operating systems (Windows and Linux), as well as various operating system versions.


The heterogeneous nature of work environments, with different workers and departments requiring diverse software solutions, along with the rapid evolution software and the need to support legacy applications, means that organizations have to support more than a single operating system, and sometimes multiple versions of the same operating system.

EO.workspace allows you to provide applications which run on different operating systems, namely Windows and Linux, side-by-side in a single environment. It’s also possible to provide applications running on different versions and generations of the same operating system (ex: Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016, Windows 2019), also intermixed in the same apparent environment, transparent to the end-user.

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Cross Platform and Cross Generation