• 6.3
Key Points
  • Custom OS with low resource requirements and minimal footprint.
  • Use low-cost hardware, thin clients, or reuse old machines as access points for EOW.
  • View and manage ClientOS devices remotely, from the Administration Console.

Implement simple, cheap, easily replaceable hardware solutions for self-contained EOW clients, which can be monitored and managed remotely, direct from the Administration Console.


There is a clear advantage in being able to use low-cost hardware, or reuse used/old machines as EOW access devices in the organization, not only for cost optimization but also for ease of management. This concept of self-contained EOW clients allows machines to be easily set up and replaced as needed, facilitating scaling of operations as more users can be provided with the necessary hardware and software to access EOW with minimal cost and setup.

For this purpose, a custom operating system distribution named ClientOS was designed and implemented, with the specific purpose of executing the EOW Native Client and required dependencies, and integrating closely with an existing EOW infrastructure. This integration allows for ClientOS devices to be monitored and managed directly from the Administration Console.

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