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How can enterprises use EO.workspace to create a strong business ecosystem?


Nowadays, knowing how to build a strong community of business partners is one of the most important challenges for many of our customers. Building strong relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers has become one of the most important key factors in achieving a successful and strong business ecosystem in today’s interconnected global marketplace.

According to the EY study on “How mastering ecosystems transforms performance”, high-performing ecosystems, on average, drive 1.5 times the cost reduction, contribute 1.5 times more to annual revenue, and achieve 2.1 times the incremental revenue growth of low performing ecosystems.

Our customers typically use EO.workspace throughout their entire value chain to ensure:

  1. Transparency – ensure that all data and operations in the virtual environment can be monitored and audited;
  2. Agilityensures that organizations along the chain can quickly access necessary applications and documents;
  3. Security – ensures that all data, documents, and applications are secure and under control.

High Performing Ecosystems

Annual Revenues
Incremental Revenue Growth

A virtual applications and desktops solution enables businesses to give partners, customers, franchisees, or any other separate business unit, remote access to applications and documents.

With the help of our solution, businesses can, for instance, grant external users an easy access to corporate documents (such as contracts, invoices, and purchases), which can then boost productivity throughout the entire value chain. Access to CRMs or any internal system can also be given to partners for other business needs in order to facilitate communication. Moreover, since applications are on EO.workspace (on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid), enterprises can also manage user access and permissions in a centralized way, while maintaining control and security. All of this reduces the time and money spent on hardware and software installation, as well as support and helpdesk, throughout the value chain.

This solution was so effective that the Return On Investment (ROI) was achieved in only three months.

One of our clients has a large and successful franchisee network with hundreds of open locations. However, the cost and time required to manage and control the applications and documents used by the franchisees throughout the network raised some concerns. Our customer used to install and maintain every application, operating system, computer, printer, and network on every franchisee store.

They chose the EO.workspace virtual applications and desktops solution to change the way corporate applications were delivered and, more importantly, to save money and time. Since then, the franchisee has been completely responsible for the store infrastructure (computers, printers, Wi-Fi, etc.), and their employees simply log on to their remote virtual EO.workspace. As a result, our customer saves time and money by not having to install and maintain the infrastructure of the franchisees. This solution was so effective that the Return On Investment (ROI) was achieved in only three months.

To gain and maintain a competitive advantage, businesses can use virtual desktops and applications to improve communication and application access among business partners. Business ecosystems, as an economic community supported by organizational interactions, can be empowered with the right technology tools, and EO.workspace is a great way to do just that.

Businesses can rely on EO.workspace to ensure that virtual applications and desktops are accessed with transparency, agility, and security.

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