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What’s New?

Your EO.workspace experience is improving as we work on performance optimization and release new features. Here’s an account of key improvements you’ll find in the latest 6.4 version.

Enterprise Open Workspace includes an integrated Session Shadowing feature that works right out of the box and does not require users to install any additional software. This functionality is restricted to users with the appropriate administrative permissions, and privacy concerns are addressed by ensuring that only that specific session is shadowed. Last but not least, EOW also gives the end user the final say on whether or not to share the session and how much control the remote party has.

EO.workspace allows administrators to enable the drawing of a watermark image over the user’s session, ensuring that any visual reproduction of the session through screenshots or photos will be recognizable and traceable to a particular user and session.

Enable the Distributed Session Manager (DSM) to distribute sessions between locations based on advanced metrics such as resource availability (CPU, memory, etc.) and response time to the user’s current location.

The solution’s administration console provides an overview of available updates and whether the updates are critical or not. The frequency of update verification is configurable by type (OS or EOW) using the solution’s administration console.

There's more:72 improvements, fixes and optimizations. Partners and customers can find out more in our support portal.