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What’s New?

Your EO.workspace experience is improving as we work on performance optimization and release new features. Here’s an account of key improvements you’ll find in the latest 6.6 version.

Support version 9 of the many alternative Enterprise Linux (RHEL-based) distributions (RHEL, Rocky, Oracle, Alma, etc.).

Leverage streamed applications by integrating custom or proprietary devices in EOW sessions, pushing the boundaries of traditional enterprise application interaction.

EO.workspace already had a best-in-class Web Client, now it’s even better! The Advanced Web Client offers a cost-effective, flexible approach to remote work, blending high performance with robust security in any modern browser.

EOW revolutionizes the way local printers are managed in streamed application environments. With Advanced Printing, administrators have the power to manage printer properties directly from the Administration Console.

There's more: 60 improvements, fixes, and optimizations. Partners and customers can find out more in our support portal.